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I was not impressed

Warrant the fire to better see the sun... I was not impressed.
Better the sea and ready sultry, rather my fire did dim in the humidity of my whim.
Light the oceans' throat that it may cough and swallow my pride, for I can not do it.
I'll throw it away and find it another day, but I shall not forsake it.
Risk my limb in fire, dressed in the heat of my ambitions...
I don't size up, I'll drop again,
In rain,
And settle to my rest.
             -Jesse Frodelius
If you're going to share this poem please give credit. I don't want anyone stealing this... that's the main reason I don't post my poetry online. This one, I just really wanted to share.

I write a lot of poetry, some good some not as good, some amazing (heh heh heh...).
This I wrote as a spur of the moment poem, as I do with almost all of the poems I write. I really like this one though. Usually I make them longer and conform to a slightly more followable rhythm. Not here. The lines are longer, but the poem is short, and the whole thing is really powerful.

I am not going to say it isn't some of my best, because I really like it.
It's about trying to be the best, but inevitably failing due to over ambition.

You know what they say, "shoot for the moon, and even if you miss you'll end up with the stars." You'd die out there you know...
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January 31, 2012
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